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Customer Feedback

Below are comments received by some of our customers:

From: Mr T S
Date: October 2020
Details: 5 star review on Google
Been here before. If you want a hat there is nowhere else you need go.

From: Mr C N
Date: September 2020
Details: 5 star review on Google
What can I say ... classic timeless hats and classic old school customer service that you rarely get to experience these days!

From: Mr A
Date: September 2020
Details: 5 star review on Google
What can I say been wanting to order for a while after stumbling on their Facebook page. Caps arrived today beautiful wrapped and presented within 3 days of ordering. Daniel and Terry were fantastic and very helpful... The only issue now is too much to choose from so I'm likely to be back very soon

From: Mr A C
Date: July 2020
Details: Just to say thanks for the great hat purchased today, and your help and knowledge. Very pleased with my purchase and will visit again.

From: Mr D N
Date: June 2020
Details: Detroit Docker & Baker Boy Big 'Un
It was really lovely visiting your shop today and having a good chat and as always purchasing the perfect cap, please give our regards to the family. We both felt very safe and comfortable during our visit which is a credit to all your hard work. Stay safe

From: Mr D M
Date: June 2020
Details: Akubra and Rogue Hats
Finally, after a complicated trip courtesy of Correos Españoles, the package has arrived in perfect condition. The hats are magnificent. The leather hat fits perfectly!

From: Mr T T
Date: June 2020
Details: Blue Beat/Mod Hat
Just letting you know I've recieved the HAT. PERFECT just what I've been waiting for. Flashback to my 2TONE DAYS. I'll be ordering the NAVY BLUE in bout 2/3 weeks' time. Once again thanks for your patience over at the shop.

From: Mr P C
Date: June 2020
Details: Baker Boy 11 Linen
Just to let you know the cap arrived today all ok. Very splendid. Thanks again

From: Mr B S
Date: June 2020
Details: Baker Boy 11 Linen
Cap has JUST arrived and is perfect! Many thanks; hope to order again in the near future.

From: Mr D R
Date: June 2020
Details: Received today, all wrapped in blue and with a pen! Thank you for your service. Much appreciated!

From: Mrs L C
Date: June 2020
Details Bogart Fedora
I received your hat yesterday with amazing speediness. The hat is flawless and extremely beautiful; the care you put in the packaging is also flawless: the neat receipts, written by hand and signed by all, should be framed (thanks for the pen by the way). A big Thank You!!

From: Mr D M
Date: April 2020
Details: Gift Vouchers
My wife got me some vouchers for my 40th and I can't wait to come over and see you guys when this carnage passes. Just wanted to drop you a note to wish you well and hope you guys can come out the other side safe and well and on top. Look forward to seeing you 'soon'!

From: Mr S W
Date: March 2020
Details: Olney Redford Caps
I am pleased to report today 17/03/2020 the safe receipt of the ordered three Olney Redford caps. All is, as expected, well with them. Thank you for this further pleasing shopping experience at Classic Cap Ltd., and for your outstanding customer service.

From: Mrs T P
Date: September 2020
Details: 5 star review on Google
Amazing shop. Great selection of hats. Loads of different styles and colours. If you are in the market for hat a definite must visit shop. Helpful staff

From: Mr G F
Date: January 2020
Details: 5 star review on Google

From: Mr P B
Date: January 2020
Details: 5 star review on Google
Was recommended this shop by family members and pleased to say it excelled their recommendation. My 6-year-old got his first cap and won't take it off now. Brilliant, friendly service couldn't fault the place if I tried. Will definitely be back.

From: Mr M H
Date: January 2020
Details: 5 star review on Google
EXCELLENT service from the guys massive choice of hats

From: Mr C B
Date: December 2019
Details: 5 star review on Google
Very reliable & experienced service

From: Miss M P
Date: December 2019
Details: 5 star review on Google
FANTASTIC HAT SHOP .... I would highly recommend this shop to anybody

From: Mr M B-L
Date: December 2019
Details: 5 star review on Google

From: Mr J M
Date: December 2019
Details: Baker Boy Big 'Un
My new cap arrived today!! Thank you so much.. I absolutely love it! The size and style is perfect and I have no doubt I will be back to look for more of your wonderful products in the future.

From: Mr T B
Date: November 2019
Details: 5 star review on Google
Amazing shop. Best selection of hats, gloves, scarves etc I've ever seen. Brilliant and very knowledgeable service and good value. Highly recommended

From: Mrs S P
Date: June 2019
Details: Porkpie
What can I say, your service is second to none. Hat I ordered yesterday turned up today, fantastic service. Partner is well pleased with his hat and although a tad on big size, tweaked with a little foam supplied by you too! Once again, thank you. Will definitely be back.

From: Mr D M i P
Date: February 2019
Details: Cashmere 11.5 Baker Boy
Yesterday Monday 11/02/18, the package arrived in perfect condition. The cap is very pretty and its shape is great. Everything is ok, thank you very much. Until the next order the first month. Best regards

From: Mr C B
Date: February 2019
Details: Rutland Down Brim Hat (Sean Connery style)
Bless you guys really pleased with both the hat and service.

From: Mr R S
Date: February 2019
Details: The hat arrived a moment ago. It's fantastic! Love it! Thanks very much!

From: Mr B P
Date: February 2019
Details: Blue Beat/Mod Hat
Just had my order delivered.
Many thanks for a speedy dispatch. The hat is superb & takes me back to those wonderful days of music, sea & freedom.

From: Mr D T
Date: March 2018
Details: Lewis Baker Boy and Cashmere 11.5 Baker Boy
Package received today in excellent conditions! Already wore one of the hats. I look forward to choosing some more ones from your shop online!

From: Mr M S
Date: February 2018
Details: Blue Beat Mod Hat
I have just received the order through the post, and I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied with the quality of my purchase and the promptness of your service. I would like to ask if it would be possible for you to put aside one (Blue Beat /Mod Hat -Elm Green)- (Ref: 515-f-HAT) size 7 1/8 (58cms) as I will be definitely purchasing one in the next week, when I get paid, thank you again for your brilliant customer service.

From: Mr R J
Date: January 2018
Details: Hi, just received. Fantastic hat, wonderful quality.

From: Mr P
Date: August 2017
Details: Baker Boy Big 'un & Fedora
Thank you very much. The 2 Newsboy 12 caps I bought from you the last few years bring much comment, wearing the Fedora (that I also purchased from you) invites an equal number of comments as well, and all of them complimentary! I bought my son one of your caps, as a gift, it looks good on him and he has taken to wearing it right off. Thank you.

From: Mr B
Date: August 2017
Details: Baker Boy 11
Thank you so much for all your help and looking forward to wearing the cap! I will keep checking your website and Facebook page for new designs. Thanks again.

From: Mr M S
Date: July 2017
Details: Hat Stretcher
Thank you. I received my hat stretcher today.
I must say how impressed I was to find it wrapped and in an exquisite bag. Excellent customer service and nice to see a proper company with old fashioned values.

From: Mr H
Date: July 2017
Details: City Sports Cap
One never knows what one is buying online, but I must express my thanks for your swift dispatch and for the quality of the product. Thank you

From: Mr E M
Date: May 2017
Details: Cheesecutter Cap
All signed sealed and delivered today. The Cheesecutter is perfect in size, style and colour. A good choice by you I might add. Many Thanks

From: Mr N S
Date: Nov 2016
Details: Hat Stretcher
I like to thank you for the attention to detail in the packaging, both the tissue paper wrapping and the branded store bag and your handwritten notes. They complete the impression of classic personal attention to detail. It was a pleasure ordering from you.

From: Mr J F
Date: June 2016
Details: Mod Hat
I just received the hat that you sent me today and I thought that I should take a moment to tell you just how pleased I am with it. I've been looking for a hat just like it for a long time and your store was the only one that I could find that sells them. The craftsmanship is excellent and it's a perfect fit. I am definitely going to recommend your store to others. Thank you very much.

From: Mr M.E
Date: June 2016
Details: Baker Boy Donegal
I would like to say how impressed I have been with your excellent customer service and amazing speed in actioning my orders. The Olney cap is a superb cap, in quality, colour and fit. Thanks for your helpful advice in suggesting the urban style. I look forward to dealing with you again.

From: Mrs A F
Date: June 2016
Details: Clipper Cap
Thank you so much for the prompt despatch. My husband is absolutely delighted with his cap, it's a good fit and nice quality, and infact worn constantly! Thank you for the expert and friendly service.

From: Mrs K H
Date: May 2016
Thank you for the prompt service!

From: Mr W A
Date: February 2015
Details: Baker Boy 12 Big 'Un
I just received the cap, exactly what I was looking for, perfect and so cool. Thank you for your service and see you for the next one.

From: Mr Q P
Date: January 2015
Details: Baker Boy Donegal
Thank you for the fast delivery of this cap, which is the finest cap I have ever set eyes upon, fits and looks superb, and excellent quality too.

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Article: Man in an Orange Shirt - by BBC's Costume Designer

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There are two great shops I bought lots of the characters shirts and accessories from: The Vintage Shirt Company and The Classic Cap Company."

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